Rewarding pupils' achievement, behaviour and attitudes

Rewards have a very important role in motivating positive achievement, behaviour and attitudes and are a very effective tool in raising self-esteem and recognising excellence. Rewards are valued by staff and pupils and contribute to the positive ethos we wish to create in school.

All members of the school are set high standards of achievement, encouraged to meet those standards and commended in school assessments and reports when they are met. It is important to reward good work whether it is for the real quality of the work or for a good piece of work in relation to an individual pupil’s ability. Pupils will also be rewarded for good behaviour and attitudes.

Praise is the cornerstone of the reward system and teachers regularly offer verbal or written praise to students when earned. This includes verbal comments, notes in planners and postcards, emails or letters sent home.

In addition to the prizes that are awarded for academic achievement at the annual prizegiving ceremonies, pupils are rewarded regularly in the following ways:

House Points

House points, are awarded to pupils for good behaviour, attitude and achievement. Teachers award House points by signing them off in the student planner. House points are also awarded for House competitions and the one with the most points will win the House shield.

Form Competitions

Regular form competitions that focus on Personal Learning and Thinking Skills are held throughout the year. Each half term a competition is based on a different priority (e.g. lockers, uniform, punctuality etc.). The competition leads to a major prize in the summer term for the winning form (e.g. trip to Thorpe Park).

Qualities that Lead to Success

Each term the Heads of House and Head of Year 7 will identify qualities they are targeting (e.g. diligence, organisation, creativity, resourcefulness etc.). Form tutors are asked to recognise and identify these qualities in their tutees so that pupils can be rewarded for these qualities in assemblies.