Colfe’s has one of the largest ranges of A level subjects on offer with 23 subjects to choose from.

We don't set out to fit you into pre-defined blocks of subjects to suit the school.  As far as possible, we construct the Sixth Form timetable around the initial choices made by you and your fellow students.  This means, all being well, that everyone can study their preferred combination of subjects.

In Year 12 you study four AS subjects. In Year 13 you may continue with all four subjects to gain 4 A levels or drop one subject to gain three A levels with one AS. (If you choose Further Maths you will be expected to complete four A levels and one AS level.)

Click here to read the broad outlines of the A level courses we offer.

All students also have the opportunity to study the Extended Project Qualification.  This is an AS level equivalent in which you are marked on your own independent research, development and overall management of the task. We show you what to do, but it is up to you to do it.  That is why universities and employers value it so highly.