Media Studies

 Media Studies: Step back then leap forward.

Why study media? What will I gain?

To a media analyst this is like asking ‘why should I be interested in my world?’

Media Studies is about understanding how our world is constructed and how we are encouraged to perceive it. If you understand how the media works, you understand how the world works. Simples.

Media Studies is not a celebration of the media. We teach you to stand back, reflect and deconstruct this media-saturated world. In fact, to call it ‘Media Studies’ is quite misleading. Yes, we use media texts but it’s much more than that. It’s essentially a cultural anthropology course.

We live in a world where media is omnipresent. The largest and most powerful corporations are media industries – and many Colfe’s pupils will go on to work in this field. We prepare them with ‘real life’ learning and practical skills,  which make them desirable to institutions of higher education and employers. Our pupils have ‘been there, done that, bought the tee shirt’ by the time they complete their course. In fact they probably designed the tee shirt.

And let’s dispel a common myth – Media Studies isn’t easy. It isn’t soft and it isn’t a ‘Mickey Mouse’ subject. Nevertheless, we might use Disney to explore issues of media imperialism, Marxists’ approaches to hegemony and the concept of liberal pluralism in a capitalist society. If you don’t understand all these concepts and ideologies now, you will by the end of our Media Studies course.