The school library supports all members of the school community, past and present.  

Opening hours

The library is open all day from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Thursday and to 4.30pm on Friday; it is open at break and lunchtime for pupils to read, do homework and take part in other activities appropriate to a library.  We can seat 80 pupils and on a mezzanine floor, individual study carrels provide a quiet study space.

Borrowing items

Pupils in year 7 to 11 are permitted to borrow up to five books at a time (more over holidays) and sixth form up to twenty

Library catalogue

We use an automated Library System, OLIVER, and the catalogue can be searched on any school computer

Books, cds, dvds, encyclopaedias (in book form and on-line), magazines and newspapers

We have a stock of around 16,000 items.  We take the three daily broadsheets, the Financial Times and First News and a wide selection of magazines to support the curriculum and for interest


We have twelve computers linked to the school network


This is split between lower school and sixth form and spinners highlight genres or age groups at different times of the year
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Specialist collections

A staff library of educational theory, a text book and revision collection, a careers library which includes university prospectuses, the school archive which contains items from the history of the school including all the copies of the school magazine (Colfensia) and old boys magazine (The Colfeian) from 1900; two school Roll Books from the 1890s; many photographs; books written by or about Old Colfeians such as Henry Williamson and Charles Folkard; old caps and blazers. We are currently adding material to a dedicated website which will be accessible from the Alumni section of the school website in due course.  
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Library lessons, book packs, reading lists all encourage our students to become readers and independent learners  

Guinness World Record

In February 2016 we were delighted to contribute to a new Guinness World Record for the most people taking part in a simultaneous literature quiz in multiple venues.
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Library Club

Keen bookworms take part in quizzes and other book related activities once a week

Children’s Writers and Illustrators in South London quiz (CWIZZ)

Two teams were entered for this quiz for the first time in 2014
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Author visits

Recently we have hosted Trent Reedy, Caroline Lawrence and Sam Hepburn twice
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Carnegie Shadowing

We have taken part in shadowing the Carnegie medal for the last fifteen years, reading and discussing the books on the award shortlist.