Junior School staff list - Key Stage 2

For the Junior School:
Head: Miss C Macleod BA MSc Designated Safeguarding Officer
PA to the Head: Mrs E Benjamins BEd
Office Manager: Mrs M Russo
Admin Officer: Miss J Hemming                                                                                               



Other Responsibilities

Ms T Marwick BA PGCE


General Subjects, Science Subject Leader

Mr C Kitchen, BA PGCE 


General Subjects, RS & PHSE Subject Leader

Mrs E Higgs, BA PGCE


General Subjects, Art Subject Leader

Mrs S Watts, BEd, LTCL, Dip.Perf.Studies (Opera)


General Subjects, Music Co-ordinator

Miss C Tullis, BA PGCE MA


General Subjects, English Subject Leader, Library

Ms D Santos BEd


General subjects, MFL Subject Leader, Pupil Voice

Mrs H Lowth BSc PGCE


General Subjects

Mrs K Martin-Eggins KS2 General Subjects 

Ms L Roberts BA MA


General Subjects, IT Subject Leader

Miss A Manning, BA PGCE


General Subjects, Teacher in Charge of Prefects, Mathematics Subject Leader, Deputy Safeguarding Officer, Gifted and Talented Pupils Co-ordinator

Mr J Ford, BA


General Subjects, Geography Subject Leader, Clubs Co-ordinator

Mrs J Pearson BSc PGCE


General Subjects, Junior School Head of PE & Games

Mrs V Welch, BA (Hons) GTP


Head of KS2, General Subjects, SMT, Safeguarding officer, Editor of the Young Colfeian, Editor of Newsletter

Mr M Heil, BEd (Hons)


Director of Studies, Assessment Co-ordinator, SMT, Staff Induction, NQT Mentor, Staff Professional Development Co-ordinator,  General Subjects

Miss P Samler BA PGCE (M) 


General Subjects, History Subject Leader

Mr G Lane BEd


General Subjects, Boys’ Games and PE Co-ordinator

Mrs J Dunmore BA (Hons) PGCE


General subjects, Charities Co-ordinator

Miss C Hills BA (Hons) Level 1 Netball, Level 1 Swimming 

All years

PE Teacher

Miss S Manzi ASA Level 2 Teachers Award All years Swimming Teacher
Mr C Barrow All years
PE Staff
Miss Z Humphreys (RCN)   Junior School Nurse

Mrs G  Fisher HND OCR Level 7 Cert SpLD

All years

Learning Support Co-ordinator

Mrs A Hamburger BA (Hons) PGCE      OCR Level 7 Cert


Learning Support (part-time)

Mrs S Gibbons BA (Hons) 1:1 SLA (3 days a week), Teaching Assistant (2 days a week), Midday Supervisor

Mrs K Osler
Mrs S Green
Mrs L McDougall
Mrs C Ives
Mrs N Blythe


Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant & Breakfast Club Assistant
Teaching Assistant & Breakfast Club Assistant
Individual Support
Individual Support                                        

Mrs C Wilks NVQ Level 3All yearsWrap Around Care Manager
Mrs G BoxallAll yearsBreakfast Club Assistant, Midday Meal Supervisor (KS1/EYFS), Late School Supervisior (KS1/EYFS), Paediatric First Aider 
Additional Staff
Mrs P Pin
Mrs S Simmons


Late-School Supervisors EYFS/KS1, Paediatric First Aider

Mrs B Clements  
Mr D Hamilton
Mrs R Khokhar                   


Late School Staff

Miss Z Humphreys (RCN) All years Junior School Nurse
Mr J Hammett All years

Junior School Keeper, Fire Officer