House Events

Upon entering the school in Year 7, all pupils are assigned to one of four Houses which they will remain in for the duration of their time at Colfe’s.  The Houses are named after the four longest serving Headmasters in Colfe’s history - Beardwood, Bramley, Norton and Prendergast.  From Year 7 to Year 13, pupils are involved in all manner of exciting and challenging House activities and competitions.

Each House is run by a Head of House and an Assistant Head of House.  These staff also become responsible for their House pupils’ pastoral welfare and academic progress during Years 8-11.  All members of staff are allocated to a particular House and, in addition, Houses have two House Captains selected from Year 12 pupils, two Deputy House Captains selected from Year 10 pupils and two Competitions Captains selected from all pupils.

The emphasis of the House Competition is on participation, giving as many pupils as possible the opportunity to represent a team in activities which they may otherwise not get the chance to do at school representative level.

The competition events that we currently offer, throughout the academic year, are:

House Art (Photography)*

House Music 

House Athletics (Sports Day)

House Netball

House Charity Weeks

House Philosophy*

House Chess (Junior & Senior)

House Politics*

House Cricket

House Psychology*

House Cross Country (Elite* & All-comers)

House Rounders

House Debating League*

House Rugby

House Design Technology

House Rugby 7s*

House Drama  

House Science

House Experiments (Science)

House Singing (Year 7)

House Football

House Spelling Bee*

House Geography

House Swimming

House Golf*

House Tae Kwon Do

House History*

House Tennis

House Hockey 

House World Book Day Quiz

House Languages 

Staff House Sport

House Maths 

Staff House Quiz