Examination results - 2014

GCSE 2014

GCSE pupils at Colfe’s have again broken records for top grades, with 55% attaining A or A*.

This is the third year in a row when the proportion of A/A* grades at GCSE has risen at Colfe’s

Girls outperformed boys this year: a remarkable 75% of all their grades were at A/A*. Latin was the top performing subject with 21 of the 23 pupils gaining A* or A.

Headmaster Richard Russell was delighted with the results: “This is real progress, when government ministers have been warning families to expect lower grades in 2014.  Fully 20 of our pupils achieved A* and A grades in every exam they took, which sets them on track for the top universities in two years’ time.”  

84% of GCSE exams were graded B or above, which is the school’s minimum qualification for entering the Sixth Form and following a path to higher education.  This too continues a three-year run of improving performance at Colfe’s.

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A-level 2014

In a year in which A level got tougher, results at Colfe’s broke all previous records, with more than 50% of exams graded A* or A and 86% A* to B.  A third of candidates achieved AAA or better and top honours were shared equally between boys and girls.

Mathematics and German, widely regarded as amongst the most demanding courses, were the top performing subjects, with three quarters of candidates in both subjects gaining A* or A grades.

85% of pupils had secured their places at their first choice universities by 10.00 am on results day, including Sophia Debney and Annabel Jenney who will both be reading Law at St Catherine's College,Cambridge. Matthias Nichols won a choral scholarship as well as a place to read English at Exeter College, Oxford. 

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