Ages 3-6 (EYFS and Key Stage 1)

In EYFS and Key Stage 1 we open pupils' eyes to the excitements of the great journey that lies ahead of them, in life as in education.

We know every child is unique, and we want all of them to develop their abilities and character to the full.  Their confidence, knowledge and skills will grow; they will become aware of spiritual and moral values; and they will engage in the whole range of cultural, sporting and extra-curricular activities that we provide.

All this in safe, purpose-built accommodation that has been greatly expanded and modernised to provide some of the best facilities in London.  We also use the sporting and drama facilities of the Senior School. The spacious school fields and grounds allow children to play freely and safely, and our wildlife area promotes an interest in the natural world.

Children can join the Junior School at 3+ or 4. Click here to read about the entrance assessment process.

Do come and talk to us, and look round.  You'll wish you were three again!