We focus on you

In these key early years, you are watching over every step of your child's development - and so are we.  You want the best for them, as do we.

Working in partnership with you is vital to us, and constant communication is the key. We make it easy for you to talk to the staff, to raise questions before they become concerns. And you have many pre-arranged opportunities to come to the school, from ‘Meet the Teacher’ at the start of the year to our Parents’ Open Day in the summer, when children proudly show their families around the school.

We promote a healthy life-style in these key early years. Food is nutritious and freshly cooked, and teachers and children eat together.

We have our own school nurse; medical help and advice are always within reach.

Our Parents' Guide sets out clearly all the arrangements in EYFS/Key Stage 1 that help you and us to look after your child.

Colfe’s is a Church Foundation school having close association with St Mary’s Church, Lewisham. Our assemblies, although often Christian based, also reflect a multi-denominational approach and reflect achievement and moral values.