Tougher Minds

Tougher Minds and Colfe’s School - working together to improve performance.

Tougher Minds is the official performance partner of Colfe’s School.

We have been successfully working with pupils, teachers and parents to increase grades, improve learning habits among pupils and enhance everyone’s personal performance.

‘It’s significantly improved GCSE results. It’s the best thing I’ve seen to boost learning by some distance.’ 
                                        Andrew Foster, Head of Academic Performance, Colfe’s School


In the last 18-months we have seen a 50% improvement in GCSE grades for pupils involved in the Tougher Minds training programmes.

We have also recorded improved levels of concentration and motivation by staff and students.

‘My grades have improved and I know for a fact they’re increasing. Since I started it, it’s made me more organised and more consistent with my work.’

Parents are now better able to help their children learn at home.

‘It’s created a culture in which my children want to engage with their teachers, with the way they learn and with the subject matter. The combination is very obviously productive.’
Parent of a Year 7 pupil at Colfe’s
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