Learn to live

We want to prepare you for life beyond Colfe's.  So we bring the world into the school – for example in the Year 12 Forums, a weekly programme of presentations, mainly by outside speakers, about a wide range of topics, from Picasso’s Guernica to Ben Heason’s climb up Angel Falls.

And we also take the school into the world, for example by encouraging students to take part in charity work or to visit our partner school in The Gambia.

Then there is our new internship programme, which provides real work experience in leading organisations, from 10 Downing Street to NHS hospitals and major banks.

‘Wearing breathing apparatus, we had to rescue a ‘person’ (a dummy weighing 60 kilos) from a room filled with smoke. Throughout the week I watched our young cadets grow in confidence and work consistently hard while enjoying their time together; developing as individuals and as a squadron.’ (Jack McCusker, Year 13 2013-14, CCF Squadron Sergeant Major)