Learn to live

'Try and get involved in everything you can. It broadens you as a person – your experiences. It’s part of the reason I go on trips. Every place gives you a different experience; you meet different people.' (Olivia, Year 10)

‘Last year we had speakers come in every Thursday morning, and you were learning different life lessons from different people, and how people could turn their lives around. I have been here for two years, and I feel like I have learnt so much.’ (Daniella, Year 13)

'The main thing you would get out of Colfe's would be the opportunities: your character would be built by Colfe’s.' (Freddie, Year 11)

The world comes into Colfe's, and Colfe's goes out into the world. We never forget that you are here to learn how to live the rest of your life. In Modern Languages the emphasis is on practising to speak, write and read in real-life situations. One year after starting, you will be able to write a whole-page letter. Or take our 'vertical tutoring' system, which mixes pupils of different ages. You don't just stick with your year-group: you learn how to get on with those who are younger, and to help them, just as those who are older will help you.

Skills like these – being able to talk and work with anyone, of whatever background – will serve you in your career, in your social life, in everything you do for years to come.