Learn to learn

Of course you will learn the basics at Colfe's, whatever age you are and whatever subjects you take.  But what really counts is what happens over and above that. 

Our Year 7 historians carry out university-type academic research, gathering original data for themselves, testing different interpretations and drawing their own conclusions.  When they actually reach university, they are already well ahead.  They have learned how to learn.

In Year 11 we have pioneered the 'tougher minds' programme.  Developed by university researchers to improve the performance of top sports players, Tougher Minds trains you to concentrate so that you can get more done.  You won't find this in any other schools nearby.

Outdoor education camps and courses train you to deal with the unexpected, to accept ideas from others and make the most of people who have different skills from yours.

You will go on learning things for the rest of your life.  In fact, you will have to.  Colfe's prepares you.