Join the family

Abraham Colfe founded his school to educate local children. That was over 350 years ago, and it's what we still do today. When you move to Colfe's you'll be amongst neighbours and friends, not amongst strangers.

We have a longer history than most schools in London, but that doesn't mean we're stuffy or off-putting. We want you to achieve high standards, but that doesn't make us elitist. And we believe in traditional values such as respect and care for others, but no one would call us old-fashioned.

'There are loads of different types of people here – ordinary people that you can relate to, and pretty much the same as you, who want the same things as you.' (Anisha, Year 8)

Colfe's has links with local state schools through the historic Leathersellers' Company of the City of London, which has announced £1 million in funding to enable exceptionally bright children to attend Colfe's Sixth Form.