Be resilient

When the going gets tough ... Colfe’s pupils handle it. 

Mental resilience is the key.  It will see you through the whole of life – but we start right now, at school.  Here’s how:

Outdoor Pursuits – from archery to abseiling, canoeing to caving – build confidence.  And teamwork, leadership, trust, friendship, adaptability and initiative.  Our outdoor residential courses start at age 7 (Year 3) and go through to age 13 (Year 9).  They last up to a week.  From Year 10 onwards more than half the year-group will take the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Tougher Minds  Our unique programme of mental resilience training is based on techniques for international sport and contemporary neuroscience.  Senior pupils gain control over their academic, personal and social lives – an amazing achievement during the storms of adolescence.  They learn to focus, practise and plan.  How vital is that for later life as well?  Tougher minds, better academic results, win/win.

Pastoral care  The inspectors of independent schools keep telling us that our pastoral care is outstanding.  In the senior school, pupils don’t just mix with their year-group but with all ages.  The older help the younger (and vice versa).  They will do this throughout their careers, so why not at school?  In our unique Colfe’s Family programme, the mixed-age groups deal with the dilemmas that every family faces, from buying a house to getting a job.  When they go out into the big world, they’re ready for it.

Competitive sport  In a national report Ofsted said Colfe’s was a model of good practice for school sport.  Why?  Because we look after everyone, not just the A team.  If you’re good at sport, our expert coaching can take you to new levels.  If what you want is to play and enjoy it, we make sure you can do that too.  Everyone also learns about diet and exercise.  Mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body – said the Roman poet Juvenal.  We say, resilient minds in resilient bodies: it’s a recipe for success at every stage of life.