'It sounds quite old-fashioned, but the Combined Cadet Force does give you skills that you wouldn’t normally achieve – like leadership capabilities. The ultimate aim of the CCF is ‘learn to lead’. And I have been noticing that I can speak to people and lead people a lot better now.' (Freddie, Year 11)

Learning is an adventure - or it should be. And Colfe's is particularly venturesome. The CCF, for example, is unusually large, but we don't force anyone to join. They want to: because of what it teaches them, because it throws them together with their friends, and because it is fun. Everyone will also take part in outdoor education, with residential field trips from Year 6 onwards, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award is also popular.

The same spirit is evident in sport at Colfe's. The top teams play to win - and they do; but everyone else also has a chance to learn and compete. No one looks down on you if you are not in the A team: you might be good at Maths, or Music, or Art instead. The point is, if you are willing to try, we will give you the chance.

From the earliest years, pupils go on educational trips and visits. Some might be part of the curriculum (e.g. London musems and theatres) others are optional (e.g. the Great Wall of China). There is learning to do, but it is enjoyable and testing. Students of languages may find themselves interviewing locals in a German, French or Spanish market. Those who went to Madagascar gathered scientific data for an international research project.